Computer Programmer Analyst with an affection for caffeine and code. Enjoy writing, family time and a good cup of coffee or espresso. Driven to learn new programming languages and learn about the bleeding edge of technology. Always looking for the next new adventure, to meet new people and enjoy life to the fullest while doing so. Worst kept secret: Social Nerd.

Dedicated developer that has worked at many enlightening jobs over the years. Excellent adaptability, strong communication skills and a need to develop solutions. Wanting an indepth account? LinkedIn profile is your best bet.


Employers of the past: 787 Networks Inc., FreePoint Technologies, Ostomy Vault, DealerVU, Western I.T. Group, Fanshawe College, Steelway Building Systems

Currently Working On: Binary Wasteland, GastroTrack, Wasteland.StackTrace(),


Almost anyone can program, not everyone can do it well. Lets connect and lets discuss some exciting opportunities!

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